Kevin O’Leary and BitBoy Crypto Join Forces to Support Crypto Industry

• Kevin O’Leary and BitBoy Crypto have called for an end to their Twitter feud, with O’Leary offering to appear on a podcast in support of the crypto industry.
• The two personalities have contrasting views on Ripple’s XRP token, with BitBoy being bullish while O’Leary is not supportive.
• BitBoy has been sued multiple times and will be appearing for an FTX-linked hearing in Florida on April 20.

FTX Ex-Supporters Make Peace

The common link between Kevin O’Leary and BitBoy Crypto was SBF’s FTX. The YouTube influencer will appear for an FTX-linked hearing on April 20 in Florida. After months of exchanging barbs and mocking each other via Twitter, these two popular figures in the crypto space have called for peace, with Shark Tank investor Kevin O’Leary offering to appear on an exclusive podcast with BitBoy Crypto to talk in favor of the cryptocurrency industry.

Twitter Feud

In late November 2022, the YouTube influencer took up a mission to interrogate the FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) in the Bahamas. This sparked a spontaneous mockery from the Shark Tank investor who nicknamed Ben “Crypto Bozo.” In return, BitBoy called O’Leary a “murderer” — presumably for covering up his involvement in the FTX scandal — leading to months of back-and-forth exchanges between them via Twitter.

Contrasting Views On Ripple (XRP)

Besides their FTX-related opinions, these crypto personalities also had contrasting views on Ripple’s XRP token which garnered major buzz as Ripple was embroiled in a long-running lawsuit with US SEC. While YouTube influencer Armstrong is extremely bullish on XRP and even forecasted that it could become top gainer of next bull run; Shark Tank Investor O’Leary showed no support for XRP due to his stance towards regulations by asserting that litigating against regulators is negatively affecting mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Lawsuit Against Bitboy

BitBoy and other crypto influencers were subjected to a $1 billion lawsuit alongside Binance as well as he was later sued for threatening lawyer and ordered him to report for hearing at Floridian court on April 20th .

Peaceful Resolution?

It remains yet unknown how this resolution will affect both parties but it can be assumed that this move may serve as an example among crypto rivals so they can bury hatchet peacefully instead of escalating issues more than necessary.