Is Bitcoin (BTC) Adopting Faster Than The Internet?

Cryptocurrency, and Bitcoin (BTC) in particular, is often compared to the internet in terms of innovation. According to one analysis, BTC has a head start as it is now adopted faster. Really ?

Bitcoin would collect users faster than the internet

The information comes to us from Visualize Bitcoin, a site that illustrates how the largest cryptocurrency works. He explains that at the rate it is adopted, Bitcoin is outperforming the internet:

Bitcoin Loophole is growing faster than the Internet. There will be 1 billion users by 2025 . ”

According to the graph, it took 7.5 years (from 1997 to 2005) for the Internet to go from 130 million users to 1 billion. But Bitcoin should reach this milestone in four years.

Active addresses and users

However, this prediction must be mitigated. It seems that Visualize Bitcoin bases itself on Bitcoin addresses, including those that contain 0 BTC or are inactive. If we look at active addresses , that is, addresses with activity over a day, that number recently reached over a million addresses. It does not take hodlers into account, however.

We can also consider the number of addresses containing more than 0 BTC to get a general idea of ​​the adoption of Bitcoin. Last December, this indicator had reached a record, according to the analysis firm Glassnode, which had 32,925,198 addresses of this type. We are therefore still far from a billion users, especially since a user can have several addresses. But the progression is constant:

Progression addresses Bitcoin BTC

What is certain, however, is that Bitcoin is increasingly adopted. And the trend has accelerated, if we are to believe some exchanges that have struggled to cope with a wave of registrations with the rise in prices.

Bitcoin price catching its breath

Bitcoin surged early yesterday, following news of a massive purchase of BTC by Tesla . After crossing $ 48,000 for the first time in its history, Bitcoin hit $ 45,000, and since then seems to be moving between that low limit and $ 47,500:

How far will he go? The threshold of 50,000 dollars now seems easily conceivable. And if other major figures like Elon Musk choose to support the biggest cryptocurrency, it should continue to flare up …