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Testimonial for Bitcode Prime

According to a post on the official website of Bitcode Prime, earnings of 550 US dollars per hour or 13,000 US dollars per day are by no means improbable. Customer reviews also show that this is no joke and that Bitcode Prime appears to be a revolutionary tool for trading cryptocurrencies. It is quite understandable that scepticism still prevails among many people in this area. Against this background, we have therefore decided to take a closer look at Bitcode Prime and write down our experiences here.

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Bitcode Prime briefly explained

Basically, Bitcode Prime is a software that enables automatic trading with Bitcoin and several other cryptocurrencies. As it says on the official website of Bitcode Prime, the platform uses an extremely advanced form of trading algorithms to achieve the greatest possible profit for the investor. Both beginners and proven experts can benefit equally from the bot. By using Bitcode Prime, crypto trading can be fully automated. The application analyses huge amounts of data far faster than a human could ever do. Bitcode Prime allows trading with the cryptocurrencies Dash, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Stellar.

Features & functionality

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The makers of Bitcode Prime?

Steve McKay is considered the inventor of Bitcon Code. He is a successful specialist trader as well as a renowned financial entrepreneur. He first worked on Wall Street as an investor and was able to make large profits for major clients by recommending trading software. Steve McKay later founded his own company and developed the Bitcode Prime platform. In his view, everyone interested should have the chance to make a profit by
trading digital currencies without having to have a deep understanding of the technical aspects.

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User opinion on Bitcode Prime

A user of Bitcode Prime talks about his experiences on the platform and explained that he does not keep precise statistics about his success. However, he could say with certainty that he had been successful on Bitcode Prime. He is not a millionaire, but thanks to Bitcode Prime he is now free of financial debt. Thanks to the software, he says, he has now regained control over his own life.

Advantages and disadvantages of Bitcode Prime


Bitcode Prime does not charge any other fees or commissions for trading digital currencies. There are only small transaction and withdrawal fees.

Bitcode Prime has a simple and intuitive interface. This makes the platform perfect for newcomers to the cryptocurrency market.

Bitcode Prime is extremely successful and, thanks to the renowned inventor, a very reputable platform.

With Bitcode Prime, investors have the option to make individual settings and thus gain full control over the bot.

Before interested parties invest real money on Bitcode Prime, they can use a free demo account and first familiarise themselves with the platform at their leisure.


Bitcode Prime does not offer a dedicated developed app for iOS or Android devices. Nevertheless, the app is easy to use via a browser.

Conclusion on Bitcode Prime

Many crypto robots on the market have been highly praised and failed to live up to the high expectations of investors. Bitcode Prime, on the other hand, impressively proves that the platform is both reputable and works extremely effectively for the investor. Moreover, the integrated algorithm is getting better day by day. So anyone who is looking for a well-developed trading robot to achieve the highest possible profits should take a closer look at Bitcode Prime and familiarise themselves with the easy-to-use user interface. Nevertheless, every investor should definitely take into account that all investments always have a certain risk, which is why the demo account offers a good opportunity to familiarise yourself with the platform without obligation.

Bitcode Prime in comparison

Bitcode Prime is a consistently reputable trading robot for the crypto market. In direct comparison with competitors, it performs significantly better in many areas. The software can therefore be recommended without reservation for beginners as well as professional traders.