Until now, only experienced investors were able to make a profit on the stock market, while inexperienced ones lost entire fortunes. But thanks to the development of innovative tools such as crypto bots, nowadays even beginners can exploit clever trading strategies and end the day with a plus. Unfortunately, many are unaware of the potential behind the complex algorithms. Many don’t know how much money can be made with smart software and miss out on the unique opportunity. We have tested Bitcode Ai for you and therefore want to explain the functionality of the revolutionary software in more detail.

What is Bitcode Ai?

Bitcode Ai is a provider of a so-called crypto bot. We are talking about an intelligent software that is able to process profitable transactions for an investor. The software is not only designed for trading with bitcoins, Bitcode Ai can also simplify trading with forex or binary options. The crypto bot works autonomously and initiates individual trades on its own. The software cannot be surpassed in terms of speed, from which an enormous potential profit margin is derived.

Through consistent market analysis, the bot is able to respond to lucrative opportunities at lightning speed. Basically, the Bitcoin market is subject to a high volatility, the recognition of important downward trends or price peaks is decisive for a maximised profit. Thanks to special algorithms, the crypto bot is able to make forecasts about price fluctuations and trade accordingly.

In the app, users can decide which cryptocurrency they want to invest in. Various preset strategies, designed for the correspondingly selected cryptocurrency, are also available.

Features & functionality

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Who is behind Bitcode Ai?

The head of the Bitcode Ai project is Edwin James, a state-verified broker with great expertise. As the lead developer of the software, he let his knowledge flow into the development of the algorithms to make it easier for inexperienced investors to trade bitcoins profitably.

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Opinions about Bitcode Ai

There are many offers on the internet that promise quick money. Naturally, I am sceptical accordingly. In my life so far, I have only been able to earn money through hard work. Naturally, I was also sceptical about this offer at first, because who has cash to give away? I initially invested only a small minimum amount to take a closer look at Bitcode Ai. I was very surprised when I was able to make my first small profits with the software quite quickly. It’s not a huge amount, but it’s nice to earn a little extra money in an uncomplicated way and without a lot of work. I put the money aside for the future.

Advantages & disadvantages


Automatic trading: The Bitcode Ai software works fully automatically without your intervention. You don’t need any experience to benefit from using the platform.

Fast payout: Your trades and previous profits as well as payouts are all documented and can be viewed by you. You can request withdrawals at any time. The transfer takes place on the same working day, or at the latest on the next working day.

Mobile monitoring of trades: With Bitcode Ai you are not tied to your PC. You can monitor your account via PC as well as via your smartphone using the application. So far, Bitcode Ai supports iOS and Android.

Real-time trading: You can follow the prices in real time around the clock. If necessary, you also have the option of initiating manual trades.

Various payment options: Deposits and withdrawals can be made via several different payment methods. Payment via a Sepa transfer, Paypal, credit card or Bitcoin is currently accepted.


Assignment of the broker is automatic: A broker assists an investor with helpful tips. You may want to be assigned to a specific broker. Unfortunately, this is not possible, but all brokers are state-verified and reputable.


We are convinced of Bitcode Ai and were able to profit quickly from using it. The software can be controlled intuitively and is therefore also suitable for beginners.

How does Bitcode Ai compare to other bots?

There are many crypto bots on the market, but only a few are able to create profits from trading Bitcoins. Thanks to the complex and promising algorithms of the Bitcode Ai crypto bot, we can give the platform an unqualified recommendation.